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Atlanta Braves

By Braves Ticket Staff Writer

Jason Heyward

Atlanta Braves Colors and Uniforms

The Atlanta Braves use the primary colors of navy, scarlet, and white. They currently use four uniforms. The first is a white home jersey with “Braves” written across the chest. The away jersey is gray with “Atlanta” written across the chest. These uniforms have been worn since 1987, and are similar to the uniforms the Braves wore from 1946 to 1963. Their alternate home jersey is a red jersey with Braves written across the chest. The red jerseys are only worn for Sunday home games, and they were worn the last time the Braves made the playoffs, in 2005. On opening night of the 2008 season against the Nationals, they debuted an alternate navy blue away jersey with Atlanta written in the same navy blue with white outline.

Atlanta Braves Hats and Nicknames

The Atlanta Braves wear three different hats. The standard game hat is one worn with the white home jerseys. It has a red brim and navy blue top with a white A on the front for Atlanta. The hat worn with the Red Jerseys is the same color scheme as the standard game hat but has a red A with a tomahawk across the A. The hat worn with the blue road jerseys and grey road jerseys has a navy blue top and brim with a white A on the front, similar to the team's away hat from 1966–1971.Their nicknames include “The Bravos” and “The Team of the 90s.”