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Atlanta Braves Roster

By Braves Tickets Staff Writer

Atlanta Braves Strengths

The Atlanta Braves have some key strengths that have allowed them to be competitive for many years. The Atlanta Braves have considerable power with Jason Heyward and Dan Uggla. Both look like they will be able to hit home runs and doubles for years to come. The Atlanta Braves also excel at small ball - fielding, moving runners over, and speed. They are consistently a team that doesn’t make many errors. Bobby Cox emphasized many of these aspects while managing the team.

Atlanta Braves Weaknesses

The Atlanta Braves have some weaknesses that they will need to consider if they want to capture a World Series title. Like any team, there are always things to improve on. The Atlanta Braves could use another arm in the starting rotation. Tommy Hanson looks like a solid, young starter who could perhaps be the ace. However, it is imperative in baseball to have depth in the rotation. The Atlanta Braves also could use some depth in the infield. Chipper Jones will be retiring in the near future and Dan Uggla can’t be the only solidified starter in the infield. Acquiring or developing middle infielders or on the corner spots will be imperative for the franchise.  Purchase your Atlanta Braves tickets today!